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Posted Sunday, January 29, 2017 by Bob Doyle

We just returned from the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show held in Orlando, FL Jan. 25-27 where our PRO-HEAD 2 Trainer was exhibited in the NEW PRODUCT ZONE and demonstrated in our Booth with our Distributor, GOLF AROUND THE WORLD.

We were pleased to hear from existing customers who improved their swings. Also from many PROS who offered success stories with their clients and students. Ryan McGwyer, PGA Pro and Instructor with GolfTEC in Louisiana said: “the PRO-HEAD 2 Trainer may be the best training aid on the planet. Students immediately get the feel of a steady head.”

See Lou Guzzi, 2013 PGA National Teacher of the Year demo the new PH2T on our website at www.foreverbettergolf.com

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Posted Monday, January 9, 2017 by Bob Doyle

The recently launched, new and improved PRO-HEAD 2 Trainer offers golfers and golf instructors four useful improvements over the original model.
1. The foam cylinder easily rotates into a vertical or horizontal position by simply pressing two compression buttons and turning the lower arm 90 degrees. Between the two positions of the cylinder, golfers can get instant feedback on ANY head movement.
Or they can place their heads on either side of the vertical foam cylinder to correct a faulty forward head movement or backward head movement.
This vertical position of the foam cylinder is also useful for golfers who utilize the “power squat.” Such skilled golfers will get instant feedback on how much their heads are moving down and away from the foam, as they enter into their power squat impact zone.
2. The engraved height adjusting holes are lettered from A to S so that golfers can easily replace the height strut into the lettered hole for their correct and desired posture height.
3. The additional height adjusting holes Q, R and S, were added to the lower pole so that the foam cylinder can be lowered to the height of a golfer’s butt. By putting the PH2T behind you and putting your butt against the foam, you can get feedback on whether you are ‘early
extending’. Use this feature to avoid early extension and keep your spine angle, eliminate sway, and pivot correctly. Lou Guzzi, 2013 National PGA Teacher of the Year, refers to this feature as TTC or Total Tush Control.”
4. The PH2T is 54” high and weighs only 15 pounds so that it can easily be carried, moved and used anywhere, indoors or outdoors. Golfers can exercise, train or swing, with or without a club, with or without hitting real or plastic balls.

Lou Guzzi can be seen demonstrating the new PRO-HEAD 2 Trainer at www.foreverbettergolf.com.

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Ten minutes a day will train you to maintain your spine angle and keep a steady head for golf

Posted Wednesday, December 14, 2016 by Bob Doyle

Golf experts tell us that to improve one’s swing, golfers must first gain a repeatable swing.  Golfers must learn to swing pretty much the same way with every swing and with every club.  Yes the swing plane may vary from driver to wedge.  But the take away, backswing, transition, impact, release and follow through remain pretty much the same.  These aspects of the swing must rotate around a steady head, a head that remains behind the ball through impact. And golfers must maintain their spine angles.

Experts also tell us that faulty head movement may be the most prevalent reason for high handicaps and missed shots.  Faulty head movement affects golfers at all skill levels, even the touring Pros from time to time.  Here is a photo that shows Teaching Pro Claude Brauchand reminding Stuart Cink to keep his head steady.  The photo was taken two weeks before Cink won the British Open in 2009.  After his win, Cink sent Claude a letter thanking Claude for reminding him to keep a steady head.

Claude Brauchand reminding Stuart Cink to keep a steady head

To develop a repeatable swing with a steady head, golfers have to get the feel of a steady head.  To get this feel, golfers must swing with their heads on a fixed reference point.  Claude provided this fixed reference point with the grip end of his club as shown in the photo.  When he was Tiger Woods caddie, Stevie Williams used the same technique with Tiger.  And Pro Jack Grout provided a fixed reference point for young Jack Nicklaus when he grabbed Nicklaus by his hair, held tightly for three hours and made Jack hit balls.

The PRO-HEAD 2 Trainer has been called by Pros and Teachers a “mechanical Jack Grout.”  Golfers can place their foreheads on the foam cylinder affixed to a height adjustable arm and swing around their steady heads until they get that feel.  Frequent repetitions are necessary to get this feel and short periods of ten minutes per day for 30 days, will ensure that golfers will be able to transfer that steady head to the course.  The more often you swing and exercise with a steady head, the more repeatable and consistent will be your swing.

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New PRO-HEAD 2 Trainer Is Now In Stock and Ready for Immediate Delivery

Posted Sunday, November 27, 2016 by Bob Doyle

Forever Better Golf Inc. is pleased to report that the new and improved PRO-HEAD 2 Trainer is now in stock at our fulfillment center and is ready for immediate shipment.


The redesign, improvements and required manufacturing quality checks took longer than anticipated.But we are certain you will find the new product to have been worth the wait. Above is a silhouette photo of the new PH2T showing some of the improvements. As with the original PRO-HEAD Trainer the PH2T comes with both the Foam and the Hat Attachments. A FREE sand bag is also included to make it easy to move the unit, which weighs only 15 pounds when not filled with water or sand.

Good news also is that the new PH2T is less expensive, as FREE shipping is included for the 48 contiguous states. Visit our new website at www.foreverbettergolf.com.

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New and Improved PRO-HEAD 2 Trainer to be available Nov. 23, 2016

Posted Saturday, October 29, 2016 by Bob Doyle

We are pleased to announce that the new and improved PRO-HEAD 2 Trainer (PH2T) will be ready for shipment on or about Nov. 23, 2016.

The PH2 is smaller, lighter, less expensive and assembles quickly and easily in less than 5 minutes with the single tool provided. Other new features include:
– lettered holes for the height adjuster strut for ease of relocating the strut to your desired and custom height
– the horizontal foam “wall” rotates 90 degrees so it can also be set in a vertical position.
– lower holes in the pole, that allow the PH2T to be used as a butt block to eliminate sway.

You will soon receive other emails with updates, videos, pictures and testimonials.

Thank you again for your support.

Sincerely Yours…..Forever Better Golf,
Bob Doyle,

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Posted Monday, December 29, 2014 by Bob Doyle

Iron Byron is the name given to a mechanical robot invented some 50 years ago by George Manning, a Mechanical Engineer working for the True Temper Golf Co. It was designed to test the effect of flexibility in the shaft of a golf club. They are in use today by several golf companies, in various facilities around the U.S., to test other club components and golf balls.

Why does Iron Byron have the perfect golf swing? Because it consistently hits thousands of golf balls, at varying pre-set distances from 100 yards to 325 yards that land no more than six inches to the right or left of the target line. How does Iron Byron do it? Because it has few moving parts that are able to make the same repetitive swing time after time.
Studying the swings of many golfers, and after much analysis, Manning concluded that Byron Nelson had the most repeatable and consistent swing at that time. In acknowledgment to Byron Nelson, the name Iron Byron was given to this mechanical robot.

Unfortunately for all golfers, such repetition and consistency in their golf swings are not quite realistic. Ben Hogan once said that during a typical round of golf, only 10% of his shots were “perfectly hit.” His less than perfect shots rarely got him into difficulty however, which is why he won 64 Tour Events including 9 Majors. In a research study conducted by the United States Golf Teachers Federation, they found that golfers who have played for more than three years have less than a 5% chance of ever lowering their scores by more than 5 strokes. This study has been confirmed by other such studies which found that the average golf scores in North America have not declined during the past 20 years.

No doubt that golf is a difficult game. And what makes it even more difficult is that golfers are constantly making changes to their swings based on a lesson given, an article read, a tip given, a video viewed, or any idea they think might help. They are always changing the moving parts rather than minimizing or maintaining their moving parts. Golf is a game of efficiency and consistency. The fewer the moving parts, the more efficient the swing. And like Iron Byron, the more repetitive the swing the more consistent will it be. But the more quick changes a golfer makes to her/his swing, the less repetitive it gets.

There are many aspects to the golf swing but there are two aspects on which few experts will disagree. One is maintaining your spine angle. Iron Byron satisfies this aspect because Manning’s design establishes a constant forward tilt or spine angle. The second aspect is keeping a relatively steady head. Iron Byron has what Jack Nicklaus would call a “rock solid head.” The mechanical robot rotates in a circular motion that resembles the turning of the upper body around a fixed head. Sam Snead says that he “simply swings around a steady head.”

Habit is at the root of human behavior. Such behavior equates to the movements or aspects of one’s golf swing. Because that behavior or movement has been performed for three years or more, it becomes a habit and muscle memory takes over. The movement is performed unconsciously. Such habits and movements are incredibly hard to break, which is why it is so difficult to improve one’s swing and lower one’s scores after having played for three years or more. New habits and new muscle memory can only be gained through repetition of the desired new movements. Since two aspects of the swing are irrefutable and are significant in the design of Iron Byron, why not try to fix your swing by addressing these same two aspects?

Physiologists and sports consultants have found that instant tactile feedback for the desired bodily movement greatly speeds up the gaining of the new habit or new muscle memory or new movement. The brain utilizes the kinesthetic learning of tactile feedback to help develop the new muscle memory

I am one of those golfers who played for three years; gained a 20 handicap and then struggled with it for much of my life, without improvement. After retiring from Corporate America, I did considerable research about the golf swing. My research included Iron Byron, videos, DVD’s, books, magazine tips, lessons, video analysis, you name it. Most was controvertible, could be misunderstood, or misinterpreted; except for the two irrefutable aspects of the golf swing mentioned above.

By focusing on these two aspects, I invented the PRO-HEAD Trainer and was awarded two US patents. It is far from an Iron Byron, but it does offer the instant tactile feedback needed to maintain one’s spine angle and keep a relatively steady head. Through training and repetition with the device, I learned these two aspects, thereby overcoming two of my major swing faults which are the same for most golfers. At age 69, I finally broke 80 and have done it several times since.

Lou Guzzi, the 2013 National PGA Teacher of the Year said: “Simplicity is the key to a repeatable golf swing. I found that the PRO-HEAD Trainer provides my students the opportunity to break old habits and to build a simple and efficient swing by holding their heads as steady as possible. The Trainer helps them to maintain critical angles when swinging the club.”

Yes you can learn to swing more like Iron Byron and at any age. Contrary to the research, you can improve your golf swing and lower your scores. You can better enjoy the wonderful game of golf.

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Tommy Jaeger, 2009 NJPGA Teacher of the year endorses the PRO-HEAD Trainer

Posted Friday, December 6, 2013 by Bob Doyle

Thomas J. Jaeger, Director of Instruction at the Spring Meadow GC in Farmingdale, NJ has been a Teaching Pro for 34 years. He started at the Navesink Country Club in Middletown, NJ in 1979; served the public at Quail Ridge Golf World in Wall Township from 1988 to 2011 and was the Assistant Coach for the Rutgers University Golf Team from 2002 to 2005.
Tommy earned the 2009 NJPGA Teacher of the Year and was listed by Golf Digest as a 2011”Best Teacher in NJ.” Jaeger prides himself with creating a solid foundation for his students, utilizing his sensitivity towards each golfer’s capabilities. His training facility at Spring Meadow includes video technology along with several training aids that are utilized and aimed at specific golfer’s needs.

Looking at the golf swing as a whole, Jaeger recognizes the value of certain training aids. Two months ago, Tommy acquired the PRO-HEAD Trainer, a patented and full swing training device that focuses on the golfer’s head and spine angle.

“I find myself using the PRO-HEAD many times during the day for most of my golf lessons. It definitely makes the golfer aware of a steady head and for maintaining the spine angle. It gives instant feedback to the golfer as to whether or not the golfer is doing exactly that. This in turn, increases the golfer’s ability to adequately turn, while the arms are swinging upward into the backswing.”

“As instructors we are constantly educating our students on the many and different aspects of the swing they need to understand, learn and eventually own, to achieve consistency and confidence. These other aspects can be taught and better learned when the “foundation of your house,” namely a steady head and a constant spine angle are in place. In my opinion, the PRO-HEAD Trainer is one of my most important tools to use for the rapid development of a sound golf swing for my students.”

The PRO-HEAD Trainer is manufactured and distributed by Forever Better Golf Inc. located in Toms River, NJ. Bob Doyle, President and inventor of the PRO-HEAD struggled with a 20 handicap most of his adult life. Using his training aid, Doyle broke 80 for the first time in his life at age 68 and he has done it several times since. According to Doyle: “the product simply works.”

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